Fantasy Golf

If you are not familiar with fantasy golf it's your chance to not only follow your favorite PGA players each week but also have skin in the game. Draftkings and Fanduel two top fantasy contest providers offer contests where you are able to roster players in a lineup with a chance to win life changing jackpots. There are big GPP (grand prize pool) tournaments with prizes up to $100,000 and even a "milly maker" with 1 million to first place, typically at major events like the Masters. The competition can be fierce there a thousands of sharps (pros) who analyze each weeks tournament course and player rankings to gain an edge over the field. (your competition)

There are plenty of player stats to comb through from course history, strokes gained off the tee, strokes gained tee to green, even success in various wind conditions. If there is a stat that can be measured the sharps will use this data to create a "player pool" a group of players that best rank in each stat. To enter the contests you need to fit six golfers in your lineup without exceed the salary cap. This is designed to ensure your not rostering all the top players and to create diversity within your lineups, adding a high level of skill to the game. Considering in a GPP there are likely 50,000 players your competing against with some entering up to 150 unique lineups. There are other contests that allow you to 50/50 your entry (double your money) or smaller entry tournaments with lower payouts however most are drawn to the large jackpots.

A sample lineup of high to low end players would permit you only to chose 2 top (studs) 4 mid range, and 2 perceived to be below average players. (sleeper picks)

High  -Rory McIlroy $12,000 Tiger Woods $11,500 Dustin Johnson $10,500 Sergio Garcia $9900

Mid    -Bubba Watson $8800 Hendrik Stenson $8500 Jason Day $8100 Patrick Reed $7900

Low   -Max Home $7500 Danny Lee $7100 Stuart Cink $6900 Ernie Els $6400

As you can see from this player pool with a $50,000 salary cap to fit six players you would have to be strategic if your lineup selection. You could not simply roster Rory, Tiger, DJ, Bubba, Day, you would quickly exceed your cap.

However if you were to roster Rory, Sergio, Max, Ernie, you would still have salary to roster 2 more players with an average salary of $$8950. You could then add another top stud or mid range player to complete your roster within the salary cap. The average DFS (daily fantasy sports) player will likely choose players they know based on popularity or who fit into the lineup to max out the $50k cap. This is a HUGE advantage to the pro players who use data to make high leverage plays by selecting skilled players who are virtually unknown.


Here is a lineup where the complete salary is used, as you can see there are high and low end players rostered

For the average Joe if you are playing big payout contests without doing any research or filtering through player and course data you may as well set fire to your money. There are a ton of resources out there that offer stats on players, course design, and other metrics that can give you an edge.

However who has time for that! There are many content providers you can subscribe to that will sift through the data, offer lineup advise and offer tools to enter your lineups. See our fantasy golf category for DFS providers who specialize in golf and start winning today!

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